Zombie Princess at Home


After a photoshoot, Seraphim likes to show a new model around her home, as she is quite proud of it, and as a way to get to know her models better. S4nura is the first model to invite Seri back to her place, after they had finished looking at Seri’s. By now, the alien and the droid were talking far more freely…


… and the Zombie Princess was much more animated on her own ground. Seri, who always has her camera’s rolling, captured this delightful set of pictures…


… of a beautiful little zombie sex-slave, relaxed and animated, in her own lovely back yard…


… her behaviour and gestures, of course, going straight to Seri’s gynoid-loving heart…


… Seri loves her dead-eyed, new model…


… and hopes to have many more shoots with her…


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