Zombie Princess


This is s4nura. She is a DAX/3 pleasure unit. Though petite, she is extremely well endowed, as many users prefer such endowment in their toys…


… Seraphim was instantly smitten with s4nura, on their first actual physical meeting…


… because of s4nuras eyes. Seraphim has pupil-less black orbs for eyes, because she isn’t human, so finds pupil-less eyes very attractive, and seldom sees them…


… when Seraphim told s4nura how much she liked her eyes, s4nura explained that she had these eyes, because her ‘users’ preferred her to look mindless…


… Seraphim laughed, and conceded that s4nura’s white orbs certainly did look mindless…


… and she christened her the ‘Zombie Princess’.

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