Body Language

Seraphim basically ‘sees’ SL through her camera lens… she is constantly taking pictures, always judging angles and light, and composition. Even when not shooting her models in the studio, or a chosen setting, she is usually still taking pictures of them. Seraphim and s4nura have been hanging together when not actually doing photoshoots…


… and, of course, Seri is still taking pictures. She gets so absorbed in the process, she often misses obvious things, and only sees them later, when reviewing her pictures. In the above and below pictures, she was actually just taking pictures of s4nura’s ass, because she thinks s4nura has a pretty nice ass…


… and it wasn’t till she was looking at the pictures, later, that she noticed how close together the two of them were standing, and how obviously she was being attentive to s4nura…


… and then she noticed they would occasionally mirror each others stance…


… and how much she tended to just stare at s4nura…


… and how often that stare was reciprocated…


… and just how comfortable the two of them look together. And she decided that the two of them look really good together. And she quite likes that thought.

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