Tee Returns

Seraphim finally has her baby back. After Tee decided she wanted to be a static mannequin for a while, she became just that… a store mannequin, who Seraphim could only look at, but not actually do anything with. Seraphim missed being able to take her toy places and take pictures of her…


… to Seri’s delight, that’s all in the past, and she has her sweet little doll back, to do with as she pleases… which, of course, is always nice things, and usually involves Tee doing what she loves most… being adored. The two of them spent a couple of hours together, this morning, as Seri made up for lost time, taking pictures of her beautiful doll…


… enjoying every minute of it…


… Tee performing like the consummate model that she is…


… looking stunning…


… as always.

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