Seraphim has recently met the cutest, most adorable little gynoid she’s so far met, EV-01…


… Evie. Unlike all the gynoids Seri has, so far, met, Evie is not an NS unit, she is an ACS unit…


… she is also the most doll-like, stylised, manga-like little thing Seraphim has recently met…


… not only is her ACS system non-compatible with anything NS, which means she cannot use any of the many NS chargers Seri has placed around her home, gallery, and studio for her NS friends, but her battery is hopelessly inferior to an NS one, or has been programmed to be so, making her run out of charge much faster than an NS unit…


… Seraphim bought a couple of ACS chargers for her new doll to use, but Evie has, still, on one occasion, become so run down she couldn’t negotiate a small step on her way to the charger… Seri had to bring it to her… this has, of course, melted Seri’s heart, and she is now intensely protective of this beautiful little doll…


… who has gorgeous manners, is incredibly polite, and calls Seri ‘ma’am’, much to Seri’s delight…


… Evie’s AO is extremely simple, she only has two or three movements, very mechanical-doll-like… but Seri suspected Evie would shine in the studio, under the control of Seri’s Lumi-pro photography system… and she was not wrong…


… Evie was amazed at what she was capable of under Seraphim’s control…


… which, as she is programmed to please, caused the little bot to be very happy.

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