The Neighbour

As a result of Evie having shown Seraphim how to establish the name of her new neighbour, the one with the banlines around an empty piece of land, Seraphim was able to contact that person…


… Nicole… who is a total sweety! It turned out Nicole was the person who had the little shop there, previously, that she’d changed her mind about selling it, and had somehow, accidentally, put the banlines up… she was mortified to hear Seri had had to delete her windows…


… she instantly went about turning the empty lot into a gorgeous, open-access, chill-out area. Her and Seri got on fabulously, talking about the neighbourhood, whilst Nicole deftly assembled a beautiful park-like area, and Seri replaced her windows and glass roof…


… seconds after Nicole left, Seri’s stunning friend, s4nura arrived, and Seri was delighted to show her around the beautiful new park that now exists beside New Placebo Gallery…


… s4nura, too, was delighted by the new environment…


… what was, yesterday, an empty plot with hideous banlines hard against Seraphim’s gallery windows, is, today…


… a beautiful garden/recreation area, thanks to the power of communication and the fact that it’s not always morons who are responsible when weird, ugly stuff happens. And now, for the first time in her 5 years of land ownership in Jormundgandr, Seraphim actually knows one of her neighbours… to actually talk to! Oh, and they had a laugh about Seraphim’s sign, too.

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