Gallery Girls

Seraphim and her doll posse spent a pleasant hour or so discussing many things, whilst looking at the latest images in the gallery…


… during this discussion time, something that has been becoming obvious to Seraphim for a while, now, finally crystallised into a concrete concept…


… her cybernetic toys are not merely owned companions, humanoid works of art with personalities, objects for Seraphim to love and photograph…


… they are, as most gynoids Seri has met, very intelligent creatures, who, through their submissive natures, choose to serve as a reciprocation to being loved and protected…


… though they need to be told what to do, and when, within that protected framework, they use their clever minds in any way they can to please their Mistress…


… they are, in effect, multipliers of Seraphim’s own efforts… Seraphim can task them with researching things she needs to know, as well as simply asking them, because they both know at least as much as Seraphim does about SL, and, in Tee’s case, a great deal more…


… they are, in effect, cybernetic extensions of Seraphim’s brain. She hadn’t quite seen this, till today. It just makes her all the happier that these wonderful creatures have chosen to be ‘owned’ by her.


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