Evie and the Apocalypse

Once there was a little robot, who woke up, one day, and it was the Apocalypse…


… the Apocalypse was kind of bleak and broken…


… and the little robot felt a bit lonely…


… as she wandered the overgrown landscape…


… her memory banks telling her that, before the Apocalypse, she was loved and often cuddled…


… she knew she had, somehow, to find her way back to the time before the Apocalypse…


… perhaps, the little robot thought, this is all a dream, and when I wake up tomorrow, my beautiful Mistress will take me in her arms, once more, and say ‘hush, little baby bot, you had a bad dream’? And, do you know, that’s exactly what happened? And the little bot never dreamed of the Apocalypse again.

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