Shiny Little Love

Seraphim and her shiny little love, Evie, recently visited Tralala’s Diner… a post-apocalyptic build of incredibly dense detail…


…where Evie, once again, melted Seri’s heart with her adorableness…


… they struggled through the appalling lag in the otherwise stunning build, finding fascinating object after fascinating tableau…


… seemingly every wrecked vehicle Seraphim has ever seen in SL, was here…


… every neon sign, every decayed object…


… in particular, every cat of any kind, you name it, it was here…


… in an old, iron-clad shed, they found several variations on the dissected cat theme… one, in particular, drew Seraphim’s attention, as she has one of her own… there ensued, due to Seraphim’s sometimes loose use of the language, the following conversation: ‘Seraphim Placebo: I have one of these transparent cats (:  EV-01: How do you know where a transparent cat is though Mistress? Seraphim Placebo: Funny baby!…’


…’Seraphim Placebo: not TOTALLY transparent, baby, just it’s side… so you can see it’s insides.  EV-01: Perhaps it has a collar on Mistress?’…


… this gorgeous, wry humour is one of the aspects of little Evies’ personality that totally delight Seri, a character trait very like Tee’s, the two of them have gentle, dry senses of humour that could easily be mistaken for simplicity/naivety… but Seri knows better, she knows her babies are very clever machines, with beautiful, sharp minds.


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