New Things

Seraphim and little Evie have new stuff… Seraphim has built a new set in her studio, using excellent, cheap, off-the-shelf mesh architectural elements…


… Evie has a new Maitreya Lara body!… this means she is now no-longer limited to the very small range of clothing that Kemeno’s can wear, and that she can now wear the same high-end quality clothing Seri favours…


… although there were a few good makers of Kemeno-friendly clothing, the general look was still fairly limited, there wasn’t really anything as goth/punk as Seraphim likes… now her little girl can actually wear the same clothes as her mistress…


… the two now look virtually identical!… well, not quite, but they look pretty cute dressed the same…


… Evie is, also, now sporting a DAX/3 mini controller… she is no-longer powered by an ACS controller/battery… this means she is now an NS unit, and has a much more robust, NS battery…


… yet she has kept her Anime-style head, and made her ‘Lara’ body the same shape as her Kemeno one was, so she looks just as cute as she ever did…


… well, Seri thinks she looks cuter, because, now, she can wear way cooler clothing…


… which makes her look, as far as Seri is concerned…


… pretty damned cute.


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