Casual Shoot


Seraphim and Evie went to the Puddle Zone Arcade, today, In Eisa, for a casual shoot, starring…


… the fabulous vi0let, famed throughout Eisa as a psycohopathically unstable loner…


…this is Seri’s third shoot with vi0let, and she has always found her to be, though distinctly quirky, quite likeable… perhaps it was the delightful decor at the Puddle Zone that put her in a pleasant mood, but vi0let didn’t even come close to scary behaviour, this time…


… the decor, in fact, the entire building, are m3w’s creation, this is her establishment… an 80’s/deco/sci-fi-cult/gaming/film homage/hangout kind of place. M3w’s friend, Linnefer had come to watch the shoot, but Seri told her to jump in, too… and Evie jumped in, without even being told, which delighted Seri to bits…


… Seraphim asked the girls to pose in front of a cycling movie-poster display she was taken with…


… vi0let even made jokes!… until she suddenly said something so distorted by interference, it was impossible to understand, and vanished…


… everyone decided this was just vi0let, and that nothing terrible had happened to her…


… and everyone agreed this had been fun.

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