EV-01 in R2

Seraphim was at the latest Collabor88, when she saw R2’s latest outfit, and instantly imagined Evie in it…


… Evie couldn’t wear R2 until just recently, when she changed from Kemeno, to Maitreya Lara…


… Seraphim, herself, looks silly in R2, but, all her gynoid friends look amazing in it…


… and Evie most definitely was no exception to that rule…


… all R2 is very cyber, and most of it is very revealing… but with Seiga, they have hit a nice balance of sexy cyber and lavish sophistication…


… Evie looks like a diplomat from a planet of synthetics…


… dressed to stun humans into submission…


… she even has an effect on 4000 year old, alien, alpha predators.

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