Alice, Evie & Seraphim

Seraphim saw something that grabbed her attention on Veyot’s latest post…


… it was this amazing ‘Alice’ installation, where people are invited to photograph themselves with ‘Alice’ and, apparently, her monkey…


… Seraphim found the poses on the couch pretty dull so, like the big, 4000-year-old kid she is, she just jumped up on the couch, as she knew her boots were spotless, as there’s no dirt in SL…


… Seri was totally taken by the skill with which this tiny space had been rendered vast…


… and she bought her darling cute-bot in for a look, because she knows her girl has a thing about skies…


… Evie, too, was delighted with the space, saying it was ‘Tardis-like’…


… Seri has a particular liking for these colours as backgrounds for photo-taking, as they beautifully enhance…


… the colours of the girls she loves most.

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