While she is used to it, Seraphim never gets used to it… the constant change that happens to her in SL… as she continues her current, solitary roamings…


… to places like Pendle Hill, which is richly dark but, currently, spoilt due to it’s being filled with cheesey Halloween stuff… Seraphim managed to find a few places, there, to pose for some images without the cheese…


… and intends to visit again, when the place is less filled with commercialised ‘scary’ cartoons…


… continuing the lighthouse/wrecks/beach/birds theme, but less ‘dark’, she visited Glenrosa


… which has some lovely photographic settings…


… but, all the time, she was painfully aware of the fact her two companions, Tee and Evie, whom she would normally be accompanied by, are not with her, and she has not seen them, now, for months… she especially feels Evie’s absence, as Evie was like Seri’s sweet little shadow, always there, even when Tee was not…


… the little, friendly neighbourhood that had suddenly sprung up around her in Jormundgandr, is, just as suddenly, gone… one neighbour has moved somewhere else, and her friends Pandume and Shadow have not been at their home for months… Seraphim sits in the bus stop on their property, with it’s advertisement for her gallery, and can’t help thinking about the constant change in her life… she reads, in peoples profiles, stories of wonderful, long relationships/friendships, and of vibrant communities, and she wonders how these people avoid the state of constant flux that is her SL reality?


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