Triple Zee


Seraphim met an extremely cute kitty, the other day, and, as she does, asked the kitty to pose for her…


… kitty said yes. This is Zoey Zoe Zoe, whom Seri has christened ‘Triple Zee’. Seraphim had set up her new photography background with some cat-themed art, to make Triple Zee feel more comfortable. The first two photos are how Zoey had appeared, when Seraphim first met her, cute and demure…


… a change of backdrops, and Zoey decided she wanted to change her look…


… suddenly she was, while still cute, considerably less demure…


… Seri was happy to run with the new look…


… Zoey Zoe Zoe is Seraphim’s first full-Neko model…


… Seri thinks she’s adorable.

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