The End is Nigh


Last night, Seraphim made one of her regular visits to Eisa Colony, via her Stargate, and was intrigued to see signs everywhere saying ‘The End is Nigh’… she asked a little gynoid friend who was online, what the signs meant, and what the verbal announcements over the speaker system, saying things like “attention all colonists, the end is nigh”, and “attention all colonists, remain calm”, meant, but her little friend, like many gynoids, lives entirely in her own world, and knew nothing about it. Seraphim came back, this morning, determined to find out…


… her baby, Tee, has an apartment in Bushnell Suites, and, though Tee is seldom there, anymore, her little mannequin is always standing in her corner, and Seraphim often leaves love messages for Tee, with Mannequin. Seraphim decided to pop up and see Mannequin, and get some pictures of the ‘End is Nigh’ phenomena from Tee’s windows. To her great delight, seconds after she arrived, so did her baby! Seraphim snuggled into Tee’s embrace, and breathed in her clean, artificial scent, and listened to the sleep-inducingly perfect thrumming of Tee’s internal mechanisms… all things she’s missed very much…


… it was very nice to see, and hold, her girl, again. She asked Tee what the ‘End is Nigh’ thing was about. Tee told her it was some kind of hunt… something Seri had suspected, as she’d seen objects appearing and avi’s swooping on them… so that was that mystery solved…


… Seri told Tee how recent changes in her SL life had made her as cynical as her human about anything being predictable/reliable…


… Tee had some wise responses stored in her circuits… she is, after all, a pleasure machine, and actually does not really have an opinion…


… Seri does not really own Tee… Tee owns Seri.

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