The Gates of Oria


Seraphim recently visited ‘The Gates of Oria’. From the initial landing point of this installation, you TP to a place with several ruin-like structures. Seraphim can be a bit ditsy sometimes, so she wandered around, slightly confused as to what was next, for a bit, till she realised that the ‘gates’ were statues inside the ruins… you click them and TP to various fantasy ‘worlds’…


… the scale of these worlds is fantastical… that’s Seri at the top of the steps…


… everything has a hallucinogenic quality about it…


… each ‘world’ is different, though they all seem to share that wonderful, dream-like atmosphere, and Seraphim noticed the same, eerie, birdcall in several of the ones she visited…


… the large spaces all contain smaller spaces…


… all just as phantasmagorical…


… and surreal…


… Seri half expected to run into the White Rabbit.


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