Coghaven Gallery


Seraphim, with the help of her sweet little friend, s4nura, has set up another little satellite gallery, this time in Coghaven…


… while Seraphim set the gallery up, s4 set herself up as a display at the door…


… literally within minutes, s4’s barely-clad, voluptuous form had attracted a besotted admirer…


… Seraphim enjoyed creating the new space…


… Coghaven is home to the ACS controller, which is the alternative to the NS controller system most gynoids use… this means the general traffic here will actually know what Seri’s art is about, and may appreciate it more than the traffic she gets in Jormundgandr, or in her first satellite gallery at Pink Lady Castle…


… Seri has put out feelers toward getting a gallery space in Eisa, but has not heard anything back, yet.

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