The moment Seraphim saw her little friend, s4nura’s latest look, she told her she would have to get her in to the studio very soon…


… which she did, just after setting up her new Coghaven gallery…


… Seri told s4 she looked like a super-hero, in her new outfit, and christened her ‘Bunnygirl’…


… submissive pleasure-doll that she is, s4 decided that Bunnygirl would be the kind of super-hero who would come bounding to the rescue…


… only to get over-powered and captured by the villain/villains…


… and be totally at their lascivious mercy…


… the narrative in Seri’s head had the villains being slaughtered by a 4000 year old immortal alien, and the cute little bunny being freed to bounce again (:

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