Becoming Known


In what has, without conscious intent, become a deliberate drive to get her art noticed in SL, after years of being content with her backwater gallery, Seraphim has opened another little gallery, this time in the Kultivate Magazine’s gallery sim…


… due to the time of year, there were several hiccups dealing with the gallery-space management, and, though Seri actually put her money down two days ago, she was only able to rez prims today. Seri is really beginning to enjoy setting these little spaces up…


… choosing the images, and working out how many she can put up… choosing all the other little elements that make the space interesting and cosy… she’s already evolved a kind of gallery-space collateral design concept that she uses in her little galleries…


… having set everything up, the final hiccup manifested itself… she was unable to put her signage on the sign… when she told the manager this, he said he had to do it, could she send him a texture, and he’d do it tomorrow… so Seri improvised a sign… which she just might leave, because she quite likes it.

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