Poolside Blues


In the last few days, not only has Seraphim opened two new galleries, and visited probably a hundred of her old TP destinations, eliminating the defunct ones, but she has been adding a swimming pool to her guest house, where Zoey is supposed to be living, but has seldom been…


… she had hoped Zoey would be back by the time it was finished, and that the two of them could play in it together. Instead, she has found herself miserably drifting in aimless circles on the new inflatable mattress she bought for them…


… listlessly trailing her hands in the lovely, clear water…


… her sad little sighs enveloped by the lapping liquid…


… saying hello to the rubber duckies every time she drifts past them…


… sometimes humming a little ‘where’s Zoey?’ song…


… the duckies saying nothing in return.



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