Seraphim has almost finished the cull of her LM’s folder, though she’s not been counting, she thinks she’s deleted around 50! She had no idea she had so many LM’s, though she knew many would be defunct. Today, whilst methodically clicking every one, she clicked the one for Japonica-2018… the sim was still there, and there were still a lot of stalls selling stuff… but there were also several tableau set up in stalls, with pose controls… Seraphim often finds asian sims to be oblique and inscrutable, not to mention, often, just weird… as far as she could see, neither the poses nor the tableau were for sale…


… but they were fun to play with. Some had stunning backdrops, but seemingly miss-matched/inappropriate poses, but all the poses were very good ones…


… especially the poses in the last one she tried, which had the best match of poses and backdrop…


… Seraphim had a lot of fun..


… leaping and sliding…


… ducking and diving…


… and looking very cool…


… while she did so.

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