A New Year Begins


Just as last year bought an exponential rate of change into Seraphim’s life, this year has already begun to feel the same… perhaps there is no going back? John, the manager of the Kultivate/Windlight gallery spaces, put Seraphims sign up, yesterday… Seri decided to leave the transparent doorway sign she had placed as a temporary measure… it looks great, and it’s one more element that sets her apart from the herd in these galleries… while they were discussing the sign, John asked Seraphim if she would like to exhibit in the Windlight Gallery’s upcoming exhibition… of course, Seri said ‘sure’…


… he gave Seri a slot at the top of the stairs, which Seri was delighted with. While she was there setting up, this morning, she noticed CybeleMoon had a slot on the ground floor… back when Seri was curating her private collection of SL art, she bought several of Cybele’s atmospheric works, and the two occasionally chatted via IM, though had never met…


… Seraphim chose to exhibit her two flagship images of the fabulous Tee… all the other exhibiters seem to cram as many images in their little space as possible, but Seri couldn’t bare to see her girls reduced to a competing mass of tiny images; they are meant to be big and stunning. Seraphim was delighted to see the space next to her was taken by Karma Weymann, whose work Seraphim has several of… Karma had one big picture as well as the seemingly standard half dozen images crammed together, but even her big image was, in fact, a cycling display of multiple images… Seraphim is definitely bucking the ‘more is more’ theme… she loves it, yet another departure from the ‘norm’.


When she came back, later in the day, to see if her artists image had been installed (it hadn’t), she was delighted to see CybeleMoon down at her own display. Cybele asked Seraphim if she had work here, Seraphim said ‘yes, upstairs’, and Cybele said ‘lead the way’, and so the two of them went up the stairs. It’s been well over a year since they talked, and Cybele had never actually seen any of Seraphim’s work, certainly not this work…


… she said she liked it…


… Seraphim asked her if she wanted to see more, and Cybele said ‘yes’, so they went across the courtyard to her new little space…


… as with most inhabitants of SL, Cybele didn’t have a clue what gynoids were, but she declared that, whatever they were, Seraphim had done a good job of photographing them.


One thought on “A New Year Begins

  1. haha yes I think I said adenoids instead of androids- but I was on the right track!! Very nice to see you again and what you are doing!! Look forward to seeing more. (I love the use of transparencies also – well done!) Good luck with the new space!!!


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