When Seri did her recent shoot with Silvarrn, she had the biggest audience in her studio she has ever had… there was Zoey, in her new human-neko form, which Seri adores, Bunny, Dolly, and… Tee! Yes, Tee! Seraphim was incredibly happy to be surrounded by all this love, and suspects Silvarrn was a bit stunned at the audience…


… by the time the shoot was over, Tee had shooed Dolly back home. Silvarrn said she had to go. Seri thanked Silvarrn, and asked the other girls over to her pool for an after-shoot swim…


… where Seri changed into more appropriate attire, and Zoey said she had to go, but didn’t leave before she had pushed Seri into the pool and told her she loved her…


… and then there were three. Tee and Bunny (s4nura) are Seraphim’s oldest, most consistent friends… oldest, in that they are both 12 year old SL avatars, but also in that they are Seri’s longest known friends in SL…


… Seri loves them both very much. Neither of them has ever let her down, or been nasty to her, as several of her ‘friends’ have, but, much more than that, both these beautiful creatures are very intelligent, and wise from their SL years, which they have both actually lived, unlike many SL avi’s with high-numbered ages, who have actually only spent a fraction of that in SL, these girls have been here the whole time, and they have been dolls/gynoids for the whole time…


… Seri adores them both, very much. Bunny does not ‘belong’ to Seri, but the two of them have an unspoken attraction for each other, which keeps them always in one another’s orbit…


… Tee actually ‘belongs’ to Seri, though Seri has told Tee the truth is that she belongs to Tee… Tee is a supernatural force of her own construction, like nothing Seri has ever met in SL, and Seri just loves being with her…


… the after-shoot pool-lounge could not have been sweeter, Seri and her two best friends, joking and chatting in the clear, cool water of Seri’s new pool.

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