Mechanical Friends


Seraphim started her day, in the Eisa Mainstore, with one of her very favourite machine friends, her very own Tee, whom she’s not seen for quite a while. As always, Tee looked stunning…


… she took Tee to show her the new gallery, where they were joined by Bunny (s4nura), who was working on a new look…


… Tee could only stay a short time, and after she left, Seri and Bunny went to R2, pursuing Bunny’s new look…


… then Seri took Bunny to see the marsh/pond area she recently built for the ‘Quest’ photoshoot. There, they were joined by Luna, one of the stars of that shoot. Luna and Bunny hadn’t met, before, and were delighted to finally meet each other. Seraphim was delighted to be in the company of two gorgeous gynoids. Then, Bunny, also, had to leave…


… Seraphim took Luna to Hangars Liquides…


… somewhere Luna had never been, before…


… Seri has been here many times, but, due to it’s size and layout, still gets lost here…


… the two friends wandered around for an hour or so, talking about all kinds of random, deeply meaningful stuff…


… only seeing 5 other avatars in all this vastness of lovingly detailed complexity…


… till Seraphim, also, had to leave.

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