The Quest


Once, long ago, or, perhaps, a long time from now, two demon Princesses went on a quest. It was a very important quest, because the Red Princess’s immortality depended on it…


… cupid had, quite maliciously, shot an arrow, well, more like a harpoon, into her heart, through her back. Because she was a powerful demon Princess, the arrow had not behaved as it would have in a mortal… it had been frozen in mid-flight, as it exited her creamy-white chest, the blood frozen in it’s explosion from her body. It hadn’t made her love anyone any more than she already did, what it had done was cause a hole in her psychic field, out of which her demon soul, her immortality, was leaking. She needed to fix this…


… her sister, the White Princess had come on the quest with her, because it was something to do, and she had been bored…


… and, hell, this was interesting! The Red Princess used her powerful scrying magic, to chart their course through this strange land they had found themselves in, directing her and her sister forward, toward something she could feel might help her with her problem…


… ‘Something is here, sister’ she said to the White Princess…


… ‘Does it hurt, sister?’ asked the White Princess… ‘Stop asking me that, sister,’ replied the Red Princess, gritting her perfect, razor-sharp teeth in pain…


… ‘It’s this way…’ she said…


… ‘… it’s here, somewhere close…’ she said…


… ‘What’s that, over there?’ asked the White Princess…

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