Steam Kitten


Commander Zoey Bratt, fearless leader of Her Majesty’s Special Winged Kitten Force, has touched down on another backward planet in the backwaters of the Empire, her mission is to root out all deniers of steam, and give them a jolly good thrashing…


… these throw-back deniers of progress would drag Her Majesty’s Empire back to the days of horse-drawn carts, and of slavery. It’s the brave commander’s job to change their minds by soundly boxing their ears…


… if that doesn’t work, she’s happy to blow their asses off…


… the courageous commander has found that these types find it hard to ride their horse-carts when they are dead. She is no stranger to combat, having come close to her own death many times, but being always re-built, stronger and faster, thanks to the glories of 21st Century, Victorian steam… she’s even had her tail blown off, but was given a better, fluffier, bionic one…


… with her steam-powered bionic arm, and her steam-driven wings, not to mention her trusty blaster, she fears very little…


… but she, herself, is feared in all the dark corners of the Empire, by the brutish deniers, many of whom have tried to deny the commander her life, but have payed that price, themselves…


… ‘For Queen and Empire, Steam Kittens HOOO-AHH!’ she cries…


… and, fluffy, bionic tail held high, she bounds out the door!

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