Coming Home

Whenever Seraphim finishes an adventure, whether it’s exploration or shopping, she returns to PlaceboLand…


… she has lived here nearly 8 years, now, and before that, she lived up in the hills overlooking her current land, which she coveted because it has one of Mainlands main roads running through it…


… she has spent hundreds of hours lovingly crafting her little piece of SL…


… she lives in the big building in the background… it started off as 512 square meters beside the road in Jormundgandr… she now owns 1/4 of the region, as much land as her human can afford…


… she bought the land during the last big recession, when Jormundgandr went from being full, to being literally empty, and everything was for sale. For a long time, years, there were only a few other places in the region. These days the neighbourhood is undergoing a renewal, even if it is a constantly fluctuating one…


… Seraphim loves her little slice of home.

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