Another Return Again

Seraphim decided her last post might not have conveyed the sheer weight of stuff there is at Pine Lake (Tralala’s Diner), so she went back and tortured herself with the lag, again, in order to bring back more concrete proof…


… the place is a good visual balance of sparseness and plenty…


… probably every SL cat you ever saw, is here… also, probably pretty much everything else, too…


… certainly every sign, neon and non-neon…


… these clusters of neon plenty are also black holes of lag, pulling the visitor in and trapping them…


… Seraphim saw several other avi’s, this time, and talked to one of them, who was experiencing exactly the same crippling lag, so it isn’t just Seraphim’s human’s connection… that avi gave up in disgust, about 30 seconds before Seraphim, also, extricated herself from the price of these beautiful images.

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