Call Home

Seraphim recently revisited Black Kite. There she discovered this beautiful, decrepit phone box…


… she bought it and zapped home to unbox it… she found the ‘boxed’ animation delightful, she just loves this kind of extra, wonderful detail that the better creators add to their amazing products…


… she unboxed the set, and set it all up backing on to her home…


… she was delighted with the setup, but not with it’s photographic potential with the house behind it, so she went shopping, again (yay, shopping!), and came home with exactly what she’d wanted, a fabulous oak forest setup… she set that up between the house and the box, but wasn’t happy with it, so had to rotate everything to the right, so there was only sky behind the forest. This all took time, but, as always, it was mostly fun…


… till she had the result she’d envisaged…


… now she has a new place to chill out…


… and perhaps shoot a certain little Neko she’s pining for…


… but, for now, she’s content to sit in the comforting aroma of mouldy phone-book, with the wind soughing through the broken windows, and watch her rabbits doing their rabbity thing.

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