Japonica Fun

Seraphim loves going to the ‘Japonica’ events… not to buy stuff, she’s not really a kimono girl… she goes for the wonderful pose-booths they have there…


… she’s never worked out the purpose of them… the poses aren’t for sale, nor are the backdrops…


… she can only conclude they are there for fun…


… a function she takes full advantage of…


… this current event has many beautiful, dynamic poses, and some cool backdrops…


… the one with the plants/water had many poses with great hand gestures…


… it probably wouldn’t be hard to track down where the poses came from…


… something Seri may do*, when she’s finished having fun.

* Seraphim did go back and try to find out where she could buy these poses… she could not figure out how to do that. She got a name from several of the poses, but that name revealed nothing in the SL search function, and the same name on MP only made a few poses that were nothing like the ones she saw at Japonica. She decided that if someone wants to make it that hard to buy their product, then they obviously don’t want to sell it.

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