Solace of the Road


Seraphim nosed her recently acquired D-Lab SP-Inago G gently out of it’s dock, yesterday, and sailed the gorgeous little machine out over the edge of her gate platform…


… on it’s inaugural flight. She headed out on to the Circuit La Corse. Seraphim spent her first few years in SL, wandering the Circuit La Corse on her own. Just as Seraphim’s life is, once again, empty, so the main road through Mainland is largely empty…


… there are certainly cosy patches of buildings… the lonely alien traveller felt the nostalgia for those times, before she stupidly handed her heart to others in SL, wash over her, gently soothing the ache, if not away, then at least more into the background…


…Seraphim remembers when all of this land was built up, homes and malls stretching as far as she could see… she remembers wandering the Circuit La Corse when parts of it weren’t even paved, just grassy rights-of-way, between hundreds of homes and roadside attractions and stores… she never knew what she’d find, and there was always something wonderful, just over the rise… all gone, now…


… just like the feeling she had finally found something she could rely on in SL has also gone, leaving her alone, again, wandering the Circuit La Corse, that metaphor for how illusory any kind of stability in this place is.

4 thoughts on “Solace of the Road

  1. Your heart may be hurting again Sera, but you’re not alone when you have friends. SL can be a tough place to make a relationship and, although hindsight is no use for this time, I hope you don’t give your heart to someone with no way of contacting them in RL again. That must have been very, very upsetting. ❤ I’m sending you hugs x

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      1. Yes, it does. I’m amazed no serious thesis have been written about reality-transcending dimensions of virtual-world interaction… the fact that such interactions actually create alternative realities that are, well, real…


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