Constant Inconstant


Tee is Seraphim’s most constant/inconstant friend, she comes and she goes, from SL, but she always returns. She is Seraphim’s oldest, both in terms of avatar age and duration of friendship, friend. Tee was the first Gynoid Seraphim ever asked to pose for her, she remains, still, the most beautiful representative of her species Seri has ever met…


… it was no surprise, though no less delightful, for Seraphim to discover Tee was online, this morning, having been absent for, probably, months. Tee told Seraphim she was building herself a new home, and would her Mistress like to come and see it? Of course Seraphim wanted to come and see it…


… Tee has an impeccable aesthetic. Seri was delighted to see Tee had changed her black/gold colour scheme to black/green. Tee happily showed Seraphim her new home, which she had created to match her new colours…


… Seri felt her recent worries dissolving in this gorgeous place with her gorgeous, consistent friend…


… Seri loves Tee’s powder-dry wit, and her calm, clinical demeanour… not to mention the sound of her drive systems…


… and she loved Tee’s new place, very much…


… she left Tee happily decorating the inside of her home, and went back out into SL, smiling and refreshed.

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