UFO Trippin’


Seraphim had one last D-Lab flying vehicle to take for it’s first spin. Accordingly, she climbed into her D-Lab Flying Saucer, and set out from Bunny Field…


… she flew past Tattoo parlours…


… road-side diners…


… cafe’s…


… marina’s…


… cosy gardens…


… and road-side attractions…


… finally landing on the ground floor of Placebo Gallery, which she has decided to keep. She stood, for a long time, looking at a picture of her beautiful, sweet Zoey, wishing with all her heart to see her soon. When she bought her D-lab flying vehicles, she specifically got the two-seater ones, except the Inago, which was just too cool not to get, so she could take Zoey with her on flying adventures. She hopes that will still happen.

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