Space Truckin’


When Seraphim bought her D-Lab SP-Inago, she also bought several other D-Lab flying vehicles, one of which was this super-cute D-Lab Mini Air Truck. She took it for it’s inaugural spin around the block, today, going left from her gate platform, this time, and right around the block, so she came back from the right…


… it’s years since she’s made this circuit and, though there was the usual wasteland where once there were homes and shops, she found the coastal part still built up, and even saw some places that were there years ago…


… the coast was very picturesque…


… and, heading back inland, it was nice to see the cute topiaries beside the Circuit La Corse…


… she flew her gorgeous little space truck on into the dusk…


… really enjoying being on the road again, free as an alien in a levitating truck…


… finally touching down, once more, in the ‘Bunny Field’, next to her gate platform… home again, home again.


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