Done Testing


Having tested all her recently acquired D-Lab flying vehicles, Seraphim has decided…


… that the little truck is her favourite one…


… it’s not the best looking, but it’s the cutest…


… it’s not the fastest, but it’s the most comfortable to drive…


… testing these vehicles has re-awakened her love of simply roaming the public roads, something she’s not done for several years. She’d thought SL was largely empty, now, compared to how it once was, and, to a degree, she was right…


… but there’s still plenty of interesting, cute, clever, cool, crazy, stupid stuff, out there, to see… stuff you’ll only see if you randomly cruise the roads. She finds her little flying truck far less annoying to use than any wheeled vehicle she’s ever attempted to use in SL, and finds using a flying vehicle way more fun than walking, so, to paraphrase John Wick, Seraphim thinks, as far as random exploration goes, she’s thinking she’s back.

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