Mysterious Paradise


Today, Seraphim went to the ‘Mysterious Paradise Event’. Finding the actual ‘event’ pretty underwhelming, she wandered out a side exit, where she found a rope she could shimmy down into an interesting looking wild area. The first things she encountered were the ubiquitous SL howling wolves… she thought the ‘underwhelm’ effect was here, too…


… then she wandered into this wetland area, and started noticing all the gorgeous details, all the pretty wildlife…


… some of which was almost ‘overload’ in it’s cuteness, but not quite, it was just right…


… she continued to find beautiful, charming stuff, such as an Ent in the pollen-laden haze…


… a hawk contemplating her next meal…


… a Kingfisher, just contemplating…


… she slipped whilst trying to get onto a bridge, and discovered that there was an entire underwater world here, too…


… she clambered out of the water, to find herself in savannah lands, with lions and giraffes, then she found a tunnel that took her to an Arctic wilderness, with Polar Bears and foxes… she wound up beside the Arctic sea, the Northern Lights playing behind her. She was entirely blown away by this unexpected landscape of various wildernesses, all gorgeously assembled, and rich in wildlife. She would have to come back, there was just too much to take in in one visit. On the way out, she was more than happy to donate to the World Animal Protection organisation, for which this event and, she assumes, the entire build, are a fund raiser.

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