Seraphim went back to the ‘Mysterious Paradise Event’ today. She wanted to have another look around, but she also had a very specific goal…


… this little guy! She’d seen him in this glade, last time, and made a mental note to come back and find out who created him, and where to get him, because he was super-adorable!… having found that out, she did a little more exploring…


… she’d noticed these two beauties, last time, too, and wanted to get a closer look. She couldn’t help thinking how much Zoey would have loved them…


… which made her a bit thoughtful, for a while, before she zapped off to get her new rabbits…


… to replace her cute, but now, clunky and outdated rabbits in the bunny field…


… which she has done. The new bunnies are 3 prims each, compared to 8 for the old bunnies, and the new bunnies have much better, more seamless animations, and a better range of colours… there’s even an albino one.

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