Sad News About Hangars Liquides

Hangars Liquides

Seraphim has just discovered, from this blog post, that Hangars Liquides, one of her absolute favourite places in SL, is in danger of disappearing… this is absolutely tragic news. Though Seri has blogged Hangars Liquides several times, already, she felt the need to rush there and take hundreds more pictures, fearing she may soon not be able to do so…

Hangars Liquides2

… if you’ve never been here, please visit, before it is too late! There is an Indiegogo page set up to try to raise the money they need, they only have 11 more days, so it’s not looking great…

Hangars Liquides3

… the first thing that strikes you about Hangars Liquides is the sheer size/scale of the place…

Hangars Liquides4

… it’s huge!

Hangars Liquides5

… it’s full of spectacular industrial vistas…

Hangars Liquides6

… truly gorgeous spaces, with beautiful textures on every lovingly-crafted surface…

Hangars Liquides8

… it’s so big, it has multiple sim-crossings, and you need to heed the warnings, and fly over them, otherwise really crappy things can happen to you, which kind of detract from the experience…

Hangars Liquides9

… the general feel is cyber/grunge/dark/decay…

Hangars Liquides11

… but there is hidden humour, such as when Seri went to sit on a bench, and the ‘sit’ she selected made her jump up and do a really gorgeous, sexy little dance, hands behind her back, beautifully weaving her hips/ass about… Zoey would have gone crazy seeing it!…

Hangars Liquides12

… when she had finished being sexy, she sat down, and looked about her… she couldn’t believe all this beauty might vanish, like tears in the rain.


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