Erebos Harbour


Seraphim explored Erebos Harbour today. Starting at an eerily deserted harbour, under an uneasy, leaden sky, she walked through the main gate…


… into the equally deserted village. On the hill, she could see an old observatory, with birds wheeling in circles above it… she decided to see what was there…


… she made her way up muddy paths, and over-grown steps, through an old garden of animal statues… the whole place had a disquieting aura of decaying eccentricity…


… at last, she came to the observatory, which was atop a planetarium… both had long fallen into ruin…


… like most ruins, there wasn’t much to see, inside, apart from the signs of time’s passage on the works of men…


… but, from a dangerously unstable deck, beside which hung a ludicrously unlikely bed platform…


… she had a good view of the gate she’d initially come through.

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