Tokyo 2


Seraphim decided to go back to the Tokyo-WindHill City/Rieri-Town/Mopire City sim, and deliberately map it’s boundaries, something she’s never actually done, before. When she got there, she made her way down to the shore, and headed in the opposite direction to the one she took, yesterday. One of the first new sights was these two little guys. Once, she saw a whole boatload of them in a canal, but she’s never seen these two, sitting here, before… they seemed pretty happy…


… she made her way to the tennis courts, which were as far as she’d gone, this way, before…


… but, when she tried to walk along the embankment in front of them, to get past them, she discovered this was another, impassable, edge of the sim… coming back past the courts, she found another hedgehog, happily fishing from a dingy…


… she made her way up the edge of the sim from the tennis courts, back toward the city…


… where she encountered this cutie who, though obviously running through photographic poses, so, obviously not afk, chose to totally ignore Seraphim’s friendly greeting, something that isn’t uncommon in SL…


… by now, Seraphim was kind of lost… this place does that. At least she now knows where another boundary is. She continued to explore and, looking across a canal…


… she saw these two guys, taking tea in a cardboard box, under a bridge. Seraphim made her way down to them, to say hello. She told them her human has mugs just like theirs, and they both hastened to assure her that these were their own mugs, and that they had not stolen them from her human. Seraphim laughed, and told them she had not, for one moment, thought that was the case. She said goodbye, and continued to explore…


… in a game arcade, she found yet more of these little guys, they were taking turns at being picked up by the mechanical claw in the game booth…


… Seraphim told them to be careful not to hurt their little feet, and they promised not to hurt themselves. She’s never seen so many hedgehogs, here!

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