The Lost Cat


Yesterday, Seraphim went to the little house she built for her and Zoey, to water the plants. She’s not spent much time there, since Zoey vanished, and since she moved all Zoey’s stuff into the shed…


… she noticed the lights were on, and was just thinking she must have forgotten to turn them off, when she heard a familiar purring…


… she turned in dis-belief to the pink pod-chair, just inside the door, and there, curled up and purring in her sleep…


… was an exhausted, but very happy, Zoey. Seraphim just about burst out crying… instead, she said ‘Hello, sleeping beauty’, which instantly woke Zoey, who sprang out of the chair to hug her Mistress… ‘Where the fuck have you been, baby?’ asked Seraphim, standing back to look at her lost girl…


… Zoey explained that, due to her human’s router being faulty, she had been stuck outside the cyber-door to SL, scratching and yowling for nearly two months, trying to get back to Seraphim, and she was sooo sorry she’d caused her Mistress such hurt…


… the two of them talked for a long time, Seri saying she knew it must have been just as hard for Zoey, being shut out in cyberspace all that time, but that it would take a while for Seraphim to come right, having gone so long not knowing where her kitten had gone, or why, or if she’d ever see her again. Zoey said she totally understood that, and was fine with it, as long as she got kisses to make up for the ones she’d missed out on for the last two months. Seraphim said that sounded ok to her, and kissed her baby.

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