Tee’s Museum


Seraphim took Zoey to see Tee’s new project, today. It’s a deliciously creepy, Twilight Zone-like ‘museum’, dedicated to the ‘statuefication’ of, apparently, hapless victims…


… there is a suspicious purple mist outside, that seems responsible for immobilising several innocent bystanders, and turning them into plastic mannequins… Zoey was very nervous, but Seraphim is basically fearless, and promised to protect her kitten, which helped calm Zoey a bit…


… inside there were many lovely dolls and mannequins…


… all very shiny and freshly-moulded looking… Zoey stayed very close to Seraphim…


… out the back, there was a lovely garden… Zoey relaxed a bit, when Seraphim pointed out that all these ones actually were just innocent statues…


… they both agreed the place was creepy with fairly obvious sexual overtones… just like most horror stories.

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