Hangars Liquides Apartment


As a reward for her donation toward keeping Hangars Liquides running, Seraphim received a ‘perk’… an apartment in Hangars Liquides! She can live here, for free, for a year! Seri spent today setting the tiny apartment up…


… in a style she feels is in keeping with the sim. The apartment is super-tiny, compared to Seraphim’s own apartment… you could literally fit dozens of this apartment into Seri’s home… which made it a challenge to decorate…


… you could only just swing a feline in the mezzanine bedroom…


… but Seri thinks she made it super-cosy…


… she spent a while just sitting on her new balcony, listening to Angel Olsen’s gorgeous new album…


… while she contemplated how to decorate the balcony…


… Angel’s ‘All Mirrors’ will, forever, remind Seraphim of this day…


… the day this became the view from her apartment balcony.



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