Anthropomorphic Deja vu


Seraphim was pottering about at home, when a 4-day old, male avatar dropped into her ‘Bunny Field’. Seraphim is extremely wary of male avi’s, having only met one who wasn’t either a total creep, or a clingy bore, but she is always friendly to anyone visiting her place. What was interesting with this encounter was the fact that, about a year ago, she met a 1-day old male avi, at the gallery she had for a while in Eisa… and he looked exactly the same as this one… she thought he was the same avi, for a few seconds, which would have been a pain, as that avi had seemed sweet to start with, but had quickly become a clingy bore, and Seri had had to ignore him for a while, till he stopped coming around…


… not only did this avi look exactly the same, he had the same multi-part drone hovering off his left shoulder… the one she met a year ago had had a name for his drone, and called it his ‘pet’, which was one of the sweet things about him that made Seri give him more time than she normally would have. Seri realised that this must be an off-the-shelf, standard newby avatar, drone and all. But the sense of deja vu went deeper than that, though… the avi had the same AO, a kind of vulnerable/nervous AO, which was also one of the things that made Seri be nicer to the first version of this avi she met… but the similarity didn’t end there…


… both versions of this avi obviously had English as a second language, they were also both quite naive/open, unlike most creepy, slavering-oaf male avi’s she’s encountered, all of which made these avi’s seem sweet and vulnerable, bringing out the protective sweety in Seri…


… as Seri always makes perfectly clear, she is not her human, she is in no way a representation of her human, and the two of them are very seperate… Seraphim is a SL avatar, SL is her life, she has no other… so, she never looks for the human beneath other avi’s, she judges them by their behaviour and, of course… their looks. She found it extremely strange seeing the first version of this avi in every action, mannerism, and physical aspect of this new newby… she’s never met two different avatars who look exactly the same, and have exactly the same AO, and even the exact same speech mannerisms… usually people individualise their avatar.

The whole episode was like something out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or something like that. Just another interesting day in SL.

2 thoughts on “Anthropomorphic Deja vu

  1. Wow that must have been strange. I know at times I will see an Avatar that reminds me of someone I used to know. Usually after a review of the profile I either know it was or wasn’t them.


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