Zombie Cyclops


Ever since her friend, Pearl Grey, introduced her to gatcha, several years ago, Seraphim has been a collector… especially of dolls/figurines. There are a few extremely talented creators of such things, Maru Kado is one of Seraphim’s absolute favourites. She visited his store in SL, a few days ago, and saw he had exclusives at Neo Japan, and at The Epiphany, so she zapped to neo Japan and bought what he had there, which was a very cool Japanese cyber-mannequin welcome sign, which is now in her gallery… she also bought the extremely lovely outfit she is wearing… quite a change from her usual pants and jacket… she bought the boots, there, too, she loves being able to make one outfit from different ones…


… then she went to The Epiphany, where these ‘Zombie Cyclops’ gatcha were… over two days (with a rest between the spending) she spent several thousand lindens, and now has the whole set, including 3 ‘rares’, and, of course, multiple double/triple-ups. When she finds products this beautiful, she just has to get them all. Fittingly, she has displayed them beneath her ‘Zombie Princess’ series she took last year of s4nura when she had her gorgeous, dead eyes…


… Maru Kado has reached a new level of exquisite, with these beautiful creatures… the hands, especially, are gorgeous, but the strange faces are also quite beautiful in their one-eyed way…


… the ‘rare’, which is the one eating intestines, is the only ‘unsettling’ one, in Seri’s opinion…


… after she’d bought about 10 in a row, during her first bout of spending, Seri won (at no cost) this one, which is holding a picture frame that you can put your own picture in… unlike other gatcha, this one is non-transferrable, but is copyable… there are two versions, but Seri apparently didn’t spend enough to win the second, even though she did keep buying after she’d won the entire set, in the hope of triggering whatever criteria she’d initially triggered to win the first one, that’s how she won her third ‘rare’…


… this one has the cutest face. Seri put a photo of herself, pre-mesh, in the frame… it’s one of her favourites from back then… you can just see some of the tattoo she had, back then, one that, sadly, would not transfer to her new, mesh body, it’s the only time she has changed her ink, as she has a thing about consistency.

In case you think Seri is insane spending all that money to get a set, she sells all the extras on Marketplace… especially having 2 extra ‘rares’, she often makes a big chunk of the outlay back, even if it takes months for them to sell, they usually do. She never makes all the money back, but considers the rest well worth the outlay for such exquisite objects, objects that actually accumulate value in SL, and can be sold, though she has no plans to do so.

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