Freak Show


Seraphim visited her first freak show, yesterday. She found the horror-story-clown gate slightly off-theme…


… but, once through the gate, it was pure freak show…


… the constant, deranged circus music that was playing was pretty depressing…


… it was the perfect accompaniment to the sad, exploited, ugly creatures that peopled this sleazy, broken-down show…


… some of the other visitors provided very welcome brightness…


… the girl on the rotating target was more ‘circus’, than ‘freak show’…


… but the beautiful, sad mermaid, imprisoned in her tiny, glass cage, was the epitome of this sad world where strange people do what it takes to make a living. But, perhaps the saddest thing Seraphim saw there, was the broken carousel she noticed behind the mermaids cage…


… the discarded, wooden horses, looked like they’d been shot in some cruel, inhumane rampage. The scene was like an anti-circus scene, where the joy and fun that should be associated with a circus, had been replaced by this vampiric freak show, sucking the joy from the trappings of fun. Seraphim found the whole thing pretty grim… she didn’t come here with any expectations, but now realises she loathes this kind of thing.

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