Seraphim visited Montmartre sim, yesterday…


… the sim is beautiful, filled with gorgeously detailed architecture…


… and park-like areas…


… wonderful spaces waiting to be be found…


… regal streets and stairs…


… and interiors just as richly detailed as the exteriors…


… all the while she was exploring, Seraphim was talking to the sim’s owner/builder, Nicholai Laval. Seraphim found Nicholai very easy to talk to. Their conversation went from how beautiful Seri found the sim, to their mutual love of Photoshop, with Seri explaining that she used it to create her digital paintings…


… some of which she showed Nicholai, who was so taken with them, she suggested Seraphim might like to use a space in Montmartre as a gallery. Nicholai showed Seraphim a space she thought might be good… it was perfect. Nicholai is going to set it up and get back to Seri. This was one of the nicest adventures Seraphim has had for a long time (:

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