First Trips of the Year


Seraphim went on her first few jaunts of the year, today. First she went to Veyot’s ‘Lost Luggage and Unclaimed Freight‘ shed, in Bhaga…


… this is one of Veyot’s whimsical little projects…


… a small, two-room shed, beside a rail yard…


… filled with disparate objects…


… then she went to the gallery in Montmartre, and hung the third of her current ‘Dream’ series. After her meeting with Nicholai Laval, a few months ago, which she posted about here, Seri has barely heard from Nicholai, in fact, Nicholai ignored Seri’s last message, about a month ago. While Seri still clearly has rez rights in the gallery, the gallery remains unfurnished, contrary to Nicholai’s assertion she would furnish it, and Nicholai seems, now, totally uninterested in the whole thing. Seri has stopped telling Nicholai whenever she hangs anything new, and expects, any time, for it all to be returned to her inventory* with no explanation, and that will be the end of that odd, typically SL, collaboration with a stranger who seemed to want to be a friend.

*… and that’s exactly what happened, two days later. Seraphim wonders if SL is really filled with dysfunctional people, or if she just runs into more of them than most avi’s do?

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