Seraphim visited Valmoor, today. She went with the recommended wind light of ‘midnight’, and found the place to be richly lit in colours that could have come from a Rembrandt painting…


… there were shooting stars constantly hurtling silently through the firmament over the ‘village’…


… Seraphim thought it felt more like a ‘manor’, than a ‘village’, but, hey, whatever…


… it was nicely made, with much of the graveyard, or mausoleum about it…


… all filled with gorgeous, rich, oil-paint-like colours…


… from the words used in the places’s description, and various hints around the place, Seraphim deduced the owners had some fairly sleazy pastimes in mind, none of which Seraphim has the slightest interest in, so she stayed out of the basements…


… somewhere near, she could hear what sounded like a bear with a belly-ache, but it takes more than sick animals to frighten this alien explorer.

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